Free Webinar

The art of creating clarity, and making a choice is one you can do and get better at.

Sunday, 4. September 2022
10 to 11 am (GMT +1)
online Webinar

What is your direction after this summer? Are you going for what you truly want and believe in? Do you want to get in contact with your direction and go for it the rest of this year?


In this free webinar, you will get specific and clear about what you want and create steps to do so. We cannot tell you what you want, but you can. The art of creating clarity, and making a choice is one you can do and get better at. This webinar creates a platform where you get a moment to explore your potential and if you dare, go for it!


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bring pen, paper and courage.


Upcoming retreats

9.–11. September 2022

What truly matters to you and what is distraction? Deep inside you already know… Are you ready to take a step out of society and reconnect with your life’s direction?

23.–25. September 2022

Where do you truly want to go? Let’s have a look beyond the clouds of your worries and stories to get a deeper perspective. Will you walk up this mountain with us?


28.–30. October 2022

Are you ready to become the artist of your life? To explore, play and follow your direction with courage. It’s not about getting rid of fear, it’s about learning how to dance with it.

“I felt safe from day 1 to share and to experience the training, we supported and motivated each other in all activities. The journey ended with a beautiful insight. I took it home, and I come back to it from time to time to get energy and purpose, to remind myself to live my values.”