About us

Misha Martinovic


Take that scary plunge and enjoy the ride.


Freedom, Courage and Joy are core values in my life. My Mission is to co-create a world of Love, Freedom and Inspiration.


I have chased many of my passions and failed miserably, many many times, yet at this time I am teaching future teachers at Uni, a part of a rope rescue team, a yoga tantra and climbing teacher and a trainer at Neverlost. I have surfed beautiful waves, climbed at breathtaking places, guided groups through amazing wilderness and lived for an authentic and loving connection with family and friends. All of this has come with struggle, fear and mistakes. The gift of making mistakes and learning and growing through them is one I love to share. 


What are you exploring?

  • Coach from Extramile Academy
  • Physical education Bachelor at Hanze
  • Climbing guide at NKBV
  • Outdoor educator at Hanze
  • Tantra Yoga teacher

Ruben Mul


Enter your scary truth, there might be some beautiful gems hidden within.


Courage and honesty are core values in my interactions with others. I believe many of us live a life in which we try to be ‘someone’ – independent, intelligent, kind, etc. Holding up these images, not only takes endless amounts of energy, but we also loose contact with each other.


My mission is to co-create a world in which we dare to show ourselves, be vulnerable and explore what it is like to be human together. This is a scary process (if I speak for myself), and it takes courage and support from our surroundings. Yet if we take the step, life rewards us with so much beaty and joy. I feel ready to dive into this exploration with you and find new open and playful ways to truly connect!


Are you joining?

  • Licenced coach (educated at University of Groningen)
  • Tantra and Yoga teacher
  • MSc Psychology & MA Philosophy specialized in Buddhist philosophy and practice
  • Rock climbing instructor

“Your focus decides where you go.
The choice is yours.”