Coaching with Misha

Misha Martinovic

What is it that holds you back?

More importantly, what is it that makes you move? 


We humans are all burdened with our past experiences, fears, insecurities and self-made limitations.


What happens when we free ourselves from these limitations on our journey of life? What possibilities could we discover?


I’ve been working as an outdoor coach and guide since 2012. Using the backdrop of mountains, forests, valleys and the unforgiving weather to help people better understand their limitations and how to move past them. Working with adolescents, teachers, but also addicts, people with anxiety and people with physical disabilities, I’ve discovered that everyone has amazing potential. These days I work with meditation, self-awareness and Success Based growth. Graduated as a bachelor of physical education and as a Coach from Extramile Coach Academy, I am an experienced (youth) coach, Teacher and Outdoor guide.

  • Coach training at ExtraMile Academy for Trainership and Coaching
  • Physical education Bachelor at Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Climbing guide at the Dutch Climbing Federation (NKBV)
  • Teacher and Outdoor educator at Hanze University of Applied Sciences 
  • Tantra Yoga teacher training at Tantric Life Academy
  • Currently training to be a Relationship Coach at RelatieBallon

During the coaching we will explore what holds you back and what makes you move.

  • What happens when you decide not to?
  • What is it that you tell yourself?
  • What are the values you really want to live by?
  • What is the life you want to live?
  • What can you experience when you dare to move with your authentic self?

Integrating dialog, meditation, breathwork and other tools, we will go on a journey to discover you. I create an environment where you can explore, make mistakes, grow and where you can discover your value. Inevitably you will come in contact with your courage, strength and freedom.

The Power of You sessions have a start and a finish. Setting a goal and working with all that life throws at you, you will discover what you are truly capable of. This means we will work together for at least 7 weeks, one session a week.

Single session:

Normal  € 100
Student  € 60

Power of You coaching:

(7 sessions)

Normal  € 600
Student  € 400

> 1 session is 1,5 hour
> the intake is free (first live meeting)

“Not everyone who wanders is lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien