Self Development Outdoor Retreats

Be in nature with nothing but your equipment, your travel companions – and yourself.

In our retreats we hike, meditate, share group processes, make fire, build bivouac and more. The outdoor experience and personal development go hand in hand. Emotions, fears and beliefs form the basis for exploration. What holds you back from following your purpose? Recognizing and taking ownership of your inner world is the basis to truly see and choose a new direction – to follow your values.

Inner Compass Retreat

In our Outdoor Retreats you learn:

  • to know and express your core values.
  • to access the courage to follow your authentic path.
  • to recognize and choose your actions, focus and mindset.
  • outdoor skills of fire making, building bivouac, compass reading and more.
  • how to live from a state of joy and intuition.
  • tools to take home for self exploration, decision-making and focused action.

NeverLost sees every experience as an entrance to growth – from the warmth of fire to the coolness of the night, from rain on your skin to a walk in the sun. A constant satisfaction of the need for comfort is pleasant, but creates a state of dullness. Can you still feel the delight of warmth, if the heater is always on 21 degrees?

  • The trainings and retreats are in English or Dutch, depending on the participants.
  • No prior outdoor experience is needed.
  • All activities are supervised by experienced trainers. Safety measures are taken so that you have the freedom to focus on your personal journey. If anything would happen, there is an experienced first responder available.

Here are some impressions from past retreats:

Next Events

NEDERLAND (Retreat in Dutch)

Wat doet er voor jou echt toe en wat is afleiding? Diep van binnen weet je het al… Ben je bereid een stap terug te nemen en je te verbinden met jou authentieke richting?


Where do you truly want to go? Let’s have a look beyond the clouds of your worries and stories to get a deeper perspective. Will you walk up this mountain with us?



Are you ready to become the artist of your life? To explore, play and follow your direction with courage. It’s not about getting rid of fear, it’s about learning how to dance with it.

“I felt safe from day 1 to share and to experience the training, we supported and motivated each other in all activities. The journey ended with a beautiful insight. I took it home, and I come back to it from time to time to get energy and purpose, to remind myself to live my values.”