"What is my passion?"
"Is my job really what I want it to be?"

"What if I was truly honest to my family and friends"
"I know there is more to life than to keep going like this..."

The good news is, there is more!

Welcome to your path

NeverLost facilitates outdoor retreats and workshops that take you back to basics - back to your authentic direction.
You will find what is truly valuable to you and how to act upon it.

We believe in taking ownership of desires, emotions and thoughts. When we see and embrace our experiences, we can choose a path directed by our inner compass

Are you ready to explore your truth, and follow your purpose with freedom and joy? Join our group retreats for a transformative experience that redirects your way of living.

Time for change? 

We offer one-on-one coachings online and in real life. Receive tailored practices and personal guidance to discover and walk your valued path. 

We are Misha and Ruben, dear friends and outdoor lovers from the Netherlands. We believe in a world where we embrace our struggles and choose from the heart. Want to hear our story?

“Now I trust my own process and take time for it. I'm inspired to take new steps and have a renewed source of energy and enthusiasm to do so. Because of this weekend, I feel I can handle things again and want to go for it!”


Join us on our newest mission: following the inner compass... This year, we will host three weekend retreats in Europe: two in the Netherlands and one in Switzerland.


Whether you’re curious about the next retreat, a discount or wonder about what to bring to the retreat, we’re here to answer any questions.