Coaching with Ruben

Ruben Mul

Life is just dying to be lived

There is so much that wants to flourish within us.


However, fully going for it can be scary. My mission is to share a journey through beauty and hardship. In both of them, we can find the freedom to live our values in connection with others.

I am graduated with a master’s in Psychology and in Philosophy and I worked as a university teacher. I am a qualified coach at the University of Groningen and work with methods that stem from solution-focused coaching, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and other well-established approaches. In my educational as well as my personal journey, I studied Buddhist practice and philosophy, and have over 14 years of experience with meditation.

This diverse experience helps me with different coaching activities, ranging from coaching rock-climbers with physical and mental blockades (since 2014) to guiding yoga and meditation workshops (since 2017).

Everyone has struggles, and everyone gets stuck sometimes. The adventure of life is not to get rid of these ‘problems’, but to find out how to live with them and use them as a starting point for growth. The first step to take is to see and embrace what is actually happening. From that point onwards, you can find what is valuable to you and how to express that.


Your choices can only come from yourself. I am there to stand by your side as a partner in this search. Together we explore through dialogue, meditation and the integration of the body. This can be a highly practical or an in-depth approach, depending on your needs and wishes.


In the coaching sessions, we will set out concrete steps that enable you to do what actually matters to you. Yes, changing is scary, otherwise, you would have done so already. But you are not alone. Together, we activate the courage that has always been there to fearlessly live yourself.

Single session € 95

Series of 5 session€ 420

> 1 session is 1,5 hour
> Optionally we can do a free 30 min intake call

“Focusing on my values and clarifying my priorities has helped immensely in setting the right course for the coming time in my life. Ruben tailored his approach to who I am and what I want to achieve. Instead of directly answering questions I had, he thoughtfully put the ball back to me in the conversations.”


“I have learned that I can experience all emotions, including anger, and that there is room for them.”