The Art of Courage

Are you ready to become the artist of your life? To explore, play and follow your direction with courage. It's not about getting rid of fear, it’s about learning how to dance with it.

personal growth retreat
personal growth retreat
Zelf ontwikkeling retraite
retreat for personal growth

Epe, Netherlands, 6–8 October 2023

We go on a full weekend outdoors to master the art of courage. You gain the tools to make substantial changes in life. Yes, it’s challenging to face our fears, that’s why we go together. 

In this weekend retreat, you learn:

  • To recognise and embrace your fears. 
  • What their effect is on your behaviour, focus and mindset.
  • The playful and creative art of courage.
  • Outdoor skills of fire making, building bivaques, compass reading and more.
  • To go for what you truly want.

How do you experience courage?

We believe there is this deep part in us that has a clear direction in life. That knows where to go and what feels right, healthy and satisfying. And then there is this part that does not want to see, or do. That wants to hide and distract. We watch TV series where we actually wanted to go for a run. We told a friend a white lie, where we wanted to speak our truth.

NeverLost sees fear as a normal human feeling. Nothing wrong with it! It has probably saved our lives numerous times. The thing is, when we fully identify with fear, it becomes the only thing we see. Moreover, when we start pursuing the deeper desires in life, fear increases. What to do?

Luckily, for all forms of fear, – intense and big, simple and small – we have courage inside us. Sometimes it is asleep or submitted by our fears, however it is still there, powerful, free and ready to come to life! 

Courage is not a box to check, it is an ongoing art of exploring, playing and tuning in on the present moment. Every situation is a unique chance to choose what action or viewpoint is fitting. 


This personal growth retreat is guided by Misha Martinovic and Ruben Mul, both certified coaches and trained outdoor guides.

The Art of Courage retreat contains a practical introduction to bivouac as well as the guidance of (group)exercises in which personal development is central.  We combine techniques from Acceptance and Commitment, Meditation, Shadowwork, Gestalt and more. The outdoor setting forms your playground to explore your deepest layers. 


Experience with outdoor skills and survival or prior knowledge in personal development is not a requirement to take part in this weekend retreat. The wish to explore yourself is!


Are you up for the adventure?


Misha & Ruben

  • The weekend starts at the 6th of October (14:00) until the 8th (17:00)
  • The location: Epe, De Veluwe (further information follows)
  • We will make sure there are tarps, cooking gear and most camp requirements. The other basics (e.g. pocket knife, sleeping bag, etc.) should be brought by yourself. A detailed packing list follows after signing up.
  • We supply the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you provide the outcome. Bring your own snacks.
  • After sign-up, you will receive some preparatory questions to deepen the exploration and your intention. These are a requirement for your subscription.

Early bird untill 17th of August €385,-
Regular price €445,-

Discount options:

  • Friends discount: Bring a friend to the weekend and you get €30,- discount per person
  • If money is refraining you from attending, please contact us by email or phone. We will search for a solution together, possibly with a work exchange.

Cancellation policy:

  • 10 or more weeks prior to the retreat = 75% restitution
  • 10-6 weeks prior to the retreat = 50% restitution
  • 6 weeks prior to the retreat = 0% restitution
  • If we can fill up your spot, we charge only €50,- administration cost 

Yes, I am ready for the Art of Courage!

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6-8 October 2023

Are you ready to become the artist of your life? To explore, play and follow your direction with courage. It’s not about getting rid of fear, it’s about learning how to dance with it.

“What a great retreat!! Ruben and Mischa have guided me through a process what resulted in a more authentic version of myself.”